Fort Myers Car Accident Lawyer

When you are behind the wheel, you can be involved in an accident no matter how careful you are. Their spontaneity and unpredictability make them so traumatic and disruptive to one’s life. Accidents cause emotional trauma, economic hardship, and significant pain to the victims and can result in loss of life. And if you ever look for compensation then only a Fort Myers car accident lawyer can help you.

You can seek financial compensation for the damages caused in an accident, and we at The Felicetti Law Firm do offer our legal services for such to help you in your quest for justice.

West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents

Car accidents in Fort Myers are the leading cause of accidents in the United States. A study carried out by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department in 2017 showed that 402,385 total motor vehicle crashes involved 686,590 people. Out of these accidents, 272,035 of them include passengers in cars.

Car accidents alone result in 736 fatal injuries, 6,584 incapacitating injuries for the drivers. For passengers, these accidents include 267 fatal injuries and 2,409 incapacitating injuries.

Car accidents can result in severe, tragic, and fatal injuries. If you or your loved one suffer injuries or damages in a car accident caused by the other party’s negligence, you are entitled to seek compensation for the financial losses that you incurred due to your injuries in civil court. To get the actual compensation for your damages you can take help from a Fort Myers car accident lawyer for you.

Why Hire an Attorney

The party at fault, through the insurance company, may try to settle with you. However, their compensation, more often than not, is not adequate to cover your damages; it will often not even come close to the damages you suffered in the wake of the accident.

Therefore, before even speaking with the insurance company, or accepting the settlement, you are strongly advised to seek legal counsel. Additionally, you increase your chances of maximizing the compensation when you have legal representation for your car accident.

Why Hire The Felicetti Law Firm

We understand how a car accident can disorient your entire life and bring instability. Fort Myers car accident lawyer cause medical damage, vehicle damage, emotional trauma, and loss of wages due to being away from work, resulting in economic hardships. It might even lead to permanent loss of employment and inability to do that type of work ever again due to permanent disability.

In our firm, we understand that no injury is too small. Our Fort Myers car accident attorney is known for aggressive representation, we will help you fight for your financial compensation.

Fort Myers Accident Lawyer

Our capable Fort Myers accident attorney helps you first determine who was at fault for your accident. We investigate every single detail of the accident. At The Felicetti Law Firm, we give our all in ensuring that you receive full and fair compensation through either out of court negotiation or litigation and mediation. Do not worry about the legal fee. You only pay for our services when we have won the case for you. If we, unfortunately, lose in your claim, then you don’t owe us any payment. Contact us today and get yourself the best lawyers on your side.