Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

The growth of any city comes with various challenges, one of them being car accidents. Daily, cars moving in and out of the city has been on been on the increase. No one ever plans for an accident; however, they are bound to happen to anyone, anytime. Accidents are incredibly disruptive, both emotionally and financially, to the victim’s life.

For many reasons, it is essential to seek legal advice when you are involved in a accident. It could be that you are not in a stable state of mind or just unsure about what to do and what not to do. The person liable in the accident or the insurance company could try to convince you into signing a settlement agreement that are way below what you deserve. You should know your rights.

Know Your Rights After A Car Accident

Depending on the extent of the accident, car accidents vary widely in the severity of the injuries that can occur. The kind of compensation you will see for any accident depends on the circumstances leading to the accident. If you are involved in an accident caused by the negligence of another person, you are entitled to seek compensation from the at fault drivers insurance policy. You shouldn’t have to endure a financial burden caused by the carelessness driver.  

At The Felicetti Law Firm, we understand the frustrations and difficulties our clients go through during an accident. We have received many successful results for our clients in Tampa. Whether you have been through a major or minor accident, Felicetti Law Firm has experienced attorneys ready to listen and serve you.

Accident Attorneys Tampa

You will understand what a car accident victim goes through if you have ever been through the same experience. Furthermore, the effect is not only felt by the victims but also on the people around them. Well, even if you may never go back to your previous physical condition, you need to find justice by getting the compensation you deserve.

At Felicetti Law Firm, we have got you covered, all you should care about is full recovery from your injuries. We will handle the insurance company, investigators, experts, and any other person involved directly or indirectly in the accident. We will protect your rights and help you make informed decisions. While you could decide to go it alone because of the fear of incurring the extra cost of hiring an attorney, you might end losing even more. Some insurance companies will take advantage of claimaints, especially when they are not aware of their rights.

Common Injuries After an Accident

Some of the most common injuries we encounter include head injuries, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, herniated disc, whiplash, scrapes and cuts, knee trauma, internal bleeding, and emotional distress. Depending on the damage, the cost of treatment varies. While you may have to undergo significant surgeries for other injuries, others require minor procedures to heal. At Felicetti Law Firm, we will see that you receive compensation for all injuries that you endure from the accident and exacerbation of any pre existing injuries.

If you have been involved in an accident anywhere in Tampa, an experienced and passionate legal team from Felicetti Law Firm will be a phone call away from coming to your rescue.