Property Damage Lawyer

Your insurance company should be your saving grace when you go through unfortunate incidents. You’re supposed to be able to file an insurance claim and get the compensation and assistance you need to get back on your feet. However, we have noted that many of these companies do everything they can to get out of their responsibility, and that leaves upstanding citizens like you in a bind. 

We know that you deserve to have your property damage cares heard, and we know how bad the emotional and financial impact of roof damage, fire damage, or flood damage can be. You likely don’t have the cash on hand to take care of things yourself, and you indeed shouldn’t have to. 

Insurance companies are supposed to be there to help you maintain a semblance of normalcy in your life after catastrophic events. Sometimes, these firms behave in this manner because multiple homes and structures get damaged by unexpected disasters, and many claims are filed at once. 

Even so, you have a policy contract, and it should lawfully be honored, provided you are covered and have acted within its stipulations. If you have homeowners insurance and you had your property damage claim denied, you may be able to get legal aid to get things properly sorted out. 

How Can a Qualified Attorney Help You?

An attorney who is going to help you file a claim dispute does not charge you anything unless your successful settlement is received. These attorneys are well trained in this area, and once they have investigated and determined that you have been wronged, they go the extra mile to help you settle your claim dispute.

Of course, it means we’re going to have to take a comprehensive look at your contract and investigate the situation that has occurred. Insurance companies can be complicated to deal with, making filling out claims a chore. Our job is to make things much simpler for you and to force insurance companies to honor the contracts that they prepared in the first place. 

Understanding Your Coverage and Denial Reason

One of the first business orders is to investigate the homeowner’s insurance contract and ensure that the existing policy covers the claim’s base. Most regular residential structures, personal property, and unattached structures tend to be covered under homeowners insurance. Unexpected disasters, such as theft, hail, fire, and vandalism, fall under the insurance company’s purview.

Still, we must review the documentation to confirm that you were indeed wronged before taking any additional steps.

While it is possible that your claim was denied for legitimate reasons, that is the exception and not the rule. Insurance companies put profits above everything else, and they do what they can to either get you to accept a lesser settlement or not give you a payout at all. We can quickly identify all the underhanded strategies that they may use to assist you accordingly. 

Damage to your home is not cheap, and having your insurance company claim that you’re not covered helps nothing. If you believe that your insurance company is in the wrong, reach out to us to find out how an attorney can assist you.