Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents occur daily throughout Orlando. As of 2017, statistics show that the total car accidents that had occurred in Orlando Metropolitan were 31,995. Car accidents cause devastating injuries to the victims and, in worse case scenarios, death. Even though you may never go back to your initial physical state, you must know your rights after the accident. Which is getting the compensation for your damages which can easily be done with the help of an Orlando car accident lawyer.

At Felicetti Law Firm, our Orlando car accident lawyer strive to take away the pain caused by the accident. Our Orlando accident lawyer has been in the business long enough to understand what is needed to find justice for our clients. Without a good legal team on your side, an insurance company can try and make you sign for a settlement that is way below what you deserve.

Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Seeking Justice After an Accident

In our line of duty, we encounter many types of accidents, some major while others minor. No matter the type of accident you have been through, we at Felicetti Law Firm understand what you are going through. The ripple effect of an accident on the victims and the people around them is devastating. When you think you have gone through enough in the accident, the process of seeking compensation could be more devastating.

Going through this journey alone, especially if you are not familiar with matters law, could be devastating. Not many people understand their legal rights after an accident. Whether you are the victim or the offender, you have rights that should be protected. You are already going through a lot; now is your time to concentrate on recovering and let our Orlando accident attorney fight the legal battles for you. Check our results on our website which will help you in gaining trust in us.

Leading Causes of Accidents in Orlando

Orlando car accidents could occur in many ways; however, most are avoidable. It is important to note that most accidents that occur in Orlando city are a result of negligence. Some of the most common behaviors causing accidents in this city include:

  • Over speeding – Impatience on the road is one of the most significant causes of accidents in Orlando city. By over speeding, you are not only putting your life in danger but also risking the lives of other road users.
  • Drowsy driving – Fatigue by drivers is another major cause of accidents in Orlando city. Without adequate rest, you are likely to lose concentration while driving.
  • Tailgating – The law states that every driver keeps a distance of at least seventy meters apart. With that distance, you will have enough time to brake and stop the car in case of an emergency.
  • Neglecting turn signals – A survey conducted in Orlando indicated that over half of 12,000 drivers had ignored the use turn signals at some point. Using these signs informs other drivers of your intentions.

Accelerating through yellow lights – Many drivers in Orlando have a habit of speeding through the yellow light before the light turns red. While some drivers will make it through, the red light shows before others are entirely through. In heavy traffic, such practices could lead to severe accidents.


Accidents could occur to anyone; however, others are more prone due to their poor driving skills. With that said, accidents do not mean the end of the world for the victims. Even though physical and emotional pain is inevitable, you deserve justice, and that is what Felicetti Law Firm Orlando car accident attorney assures you. It would be best if you didn’t bear financial hardship caused by another party’s negligence. Contact us today and get the best lawyer services for you.