Overtime and Unpaid Wages Lawyer

Wage and hour lawsuits are very common. Most of these cases involve workers who had tips stolen, were paid less than the minimum wage, were denied overtime work for no valid reasons, etc. If you feel like you’re not adequately compensated for your work, the best thing to do is call a lawyer who can get you the hard-earned money you deserve.

Our team has worked with wage and hour lawsuits for many years. We are prepared to confront those unfair payments so that you can get compensation for any additional damage that you may have accumulated over that period. If you want to know if you’re eligible for a case, contact us now!

Why Choose a Overtime and Unpaid Wages Lawyer?

While you could take your potential case to the Department of Labor (DOL), we recommend that you first speak to a private attorney. Usually, the DOL is overworked with many cases, so, likely, you’re not going to receive the attention you need for your particular case. 

On the other hand, a private attorney can assess your case quicker and offer you a relatively faster and more effective solution. In our case, we offer something called “Contingency Agreement,” which means that you’re not paying us anything unless we get you compensation from your case. This motivates us to work even harder to get you the money you deserve.

What Are Our Most Common Cases?

We can offer you our services for any field of work. However, keep in mind that your employer can violate federal laws in many ways, like wrongfully exempting you from getting overtime wages, getting underpaid, mistreated, or discriminated against while at work.

You may have a potential case if your employer:

  • Wrongfully classifies you as exempt from getting overtime pay.
  • Wrongfully classifies you as an independent contractor.
  • Doesn’t pay for all your working hours.
  • Doesn’t pay you overtime every week.
  • Doesn’t pay you minimum wage.
  • Pools employees’ tips with non-tipped employees.
  • Pays your overtime pay at “half-time.”

Some of these cases may fall under the term “wage theft,” which means that your employer is finding a way to try and pay you less or not paying at all. This is an illegal act associated with discrimination and mistreat, which is why you need an excellent lawyer to represent you if you identify with some of the cases above.

Need an Overtime and Unpaid Wages Lawyer? We Got You Covered

Regardless of your case, it’s vital that you have an experienced person to represent you. Many employers are actively trying to avoid the law and deny you the payment that you deserve.

If you feel like you’ve been mistreated, discriminated, or underpaid at work, get in touch with us so that we can assess your case.